Keeping Your Marbles!!

A field guide for preventing and treating dementia

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According to the CDC, almost 6 million are suffering with dementia in America alone.

Alzheimer’s is the 5th leading cause of death in the US.

• One in three seniors in the US will die from one of the numerous types of dementia.

• Alzheimer’s kills more people annually than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.

• An estimated $305 billion was spent on care for Alzheimer’s patients in 2020.
That number is expected to balloon to $1.1 trillion in 30 years.

A truly terrifying condition that robs it's victims of their future, their past, their everything.
And there has been no hope for people staring down the barrel of the diagnosis,
no hope for family members wanting to avoid the fate of their grandmother of father.

Until now.

Research shows we can focus on the underlying causes of

dementia and start to heal the brain. And that is what our

program—a simple, but powerful plan—does and you can start

today. You might have to take a quick trip to the grocery store for

supplies, but I will say again: you do not have to load up on tons of

pills and potions or seek out far away gurus.

In the back of the book there are a handful of supplements

we have found to be helpful, but not

so effective that you should put your faith solely in them. Not one

pill, or four pills, not even 36 would be able to address all the factors

that lead to the destruction and waste we refer to as “dementia.”

Simply put: our research-based program relies on lifestyle changes

to help heal the brain. Extremely powerful changes to your

everyday routine can measurably affect your cognition, and

give you your future back.

What do I do?

The research highlighted in our book points out two things:

Number one: a program that attacks multiple problems at once works.

Number two: trusting status quo health advice does not work.

To alter your health and cheat your genetic destiny, you have to color outside the lines.

As the old saying goes: “Any cold, dead fish can float downstream. Only a live, healthy fish can fight against the current, swim up the waterfalls and avoid the bears.”

Said another way, if you eat, drink, and act like everyone else, do not be shocked when you end up just as sick as everyone else.

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